In Regards to A Certain Blond...
The Real Derek
Uh.... fellow Chosen, please ignore Michael's last post. There's been a bit of a spat and both sides are still sparking. If Tatum decides to post about it... Uh... well... if she's negative about it and blames Michael, ignore her too. In fact, ignore all posts pertaining to the entire debacle, it's nothing anyone needs to get worked up about. Honest. In fact, if you ignore it, it'll hopefully die out soon.

So yeah, everything's peachy in the Big Apple as far as anyone knows. I hope everyone is enjoying the closing of summer break and that they're busy preparing for the next semester of that grueling place they call school. I know I've enjoyed working most of the summer. :)

For those not there on Tuesday, here's the rundown, so no gossip developes, as it tends to do. Michael Washington has, in his mind, stepped down as a Chosen. He gave his Digivice up to Koushirou and the pair of them disappeared. No one knows where the two have disappeared to and how long they will be gone. For those there, I apologize for the scene, however I hope you enjoyed the spread Mike left all of you. I assume he made it with love. The wine was also from our personal collection, so I hope you all enjoyed that too.

In other news, in light of this situation, Tatum and I will be retreating to Australia until Monday, so neither of us will be reachable. I apologize in advance for this, but we both need a break, I hope everyone can understand. I also assume that all Chosen have me on their friends-list, so that they get this message.

And I repeat, in no way or form should their be gossip in accordance to Mike and his current situation. He's off gathering his thoughts and if I catch wind of anyone else suggesting otherwise, there will be hell to pay later. From me.

Jared won't shut up about Mike. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not...

Yeah work has been keeping me busy. So I haven't been online much. Sorry.

Mike and I bought a Wii. So I won't be online much in the near future either.

... Tucker flipped out when I showed up at Tatum's house the other week, but I think we're cool now so, whoopie for us.

Yeah. That's prettz much it, life's pretty boring atm.

Welcome to the Beat
I once again hate you Michael Washington. Just because you have to buy a new CD doesn't mean you have to blast it throughout the apartment and get it stuck in my head. Wanker.

Well, Rome was probably the third best decision I ever made, the second being coming here of course, and the first being Tatum, it was a good time filled with good, EXPENSIVE, food and lots of quality time with my two best friends. Well, when Mike wasn't off doing his own thing.

Then Tatum and me got our own private time and that was nice too. (It was nice cuddle time.) Other than that, France was pretty cool too, though I saw alot less of Mike and Tatum as they were whisked around Paris by Daisuke and Catherine. (It was great seeing you again Catherine! We should really go get coffee and cake more often!), while I hung out with my boss, Jared and his work buddies.


You know.... I think Jared's planning on offering me a job once I finish college in two semesters and I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to take it.... But I won't mention anything to anyone yet, I'll wait and see if he offers.

Although I'm pretty sure Mike knows something.......

[DS Picto Chat]
The Real Derek

Dingo: I am offically a loser. I told Tatum I was going back to the room to sleep while she went for a walk and I'm actually on the DS. Writing in Picto Chat. Again.
Dingo: I am offically the biggest loser I know.
Dingo: Oh well.
Dingo: The reason I write today is Mike.
Dingo: Mike has been unhappy since I got to New York.
Dingo: I picked up on it then.
Dingo: But since we left for Rome, Mike's perked up. Alot.
Dingo: This alone makes me smile and I kinda feel good knowing Mike's finally on the road to recovery.
Dingo: Though how healthy this road is... well, that's not important right now.
Dingo: Well... if nothing else we'll go get drunk somewhere.
Dingo: Yup. We're closet alcoholics.
Dingo: God, we're dorks.
Dingo: I wonder if Mike would buy FFTA2 too so we can trade units....
Dingo logged off.

[DS Banter on Pictochat]
The Real Derek
Dingo: You know this isn't being saved anywhere.
Dingo: But I'm writing it anyway, because I can and because Mike is too cheap to go to an internet cafe.
Dingo: Well so am I.
Dingo: But I refuse to admit that.
Dingo: So yeah, Tatum and I are dating Picto Chat.
Dingo: Yup.
Dingo: I really feel like a dork doing this. Does that actually make me a dork?
Dingo: Uh, I started working too?
Dingo: I really don't enjoy writing about every little thing, I prefer my dialogues in my head.
Dingo: They make more sense.
Dingo: Or the bathroom monologues with Tatum.
Dingo: Those are fun too.
Dingo: Oh, someone knocked on the door.
Dingo: It must be Aaron.
Dingo: I should stop writing.
Dingo: But eh.
Dingo: Did I mention I'm in Rome and the food is fantastic. The shelias here aren't bad either, but to be quite honest I prefer Tatum. I've told her that, but I'm starting
Dingo: I think I like Mike's cooking slightly better. Doesn't help that it's cheaper.
Dingo: Jared called and said when we get back I've got my first job alone. I'm excited and worried at the same time.
Dingo: Okay Aaron knocked again, I need to go get it.
Dingo left the room.

Mike's been really down. Like really really down lately. Especially since Jared came for dinner and we had that little incident with my head and the table..... and my foot and my mouth.

Tatum, I know you can't read this, but I am really sorry. I put us both in the most awkward situation ever and even though we are in total agreement on this topic I honestly cannot find inner peace with our decision. It's not morally right, but it's the best thing we could do period. It is the right thing to do even if at the end of everything it blows up in our faces. More mine than Tat's because it was originally my idea with the dinner.

I just shook my head at my own post. How big of a loser am I?

In fact, why I am writing in this stupid thing anyway? I really should be discussing all this with Tatum or Mike or Crabmon.



I think I'm gonna go hit the Digital World and hang with Crabmon.

Wow, what a week.
Weeeeeeeell, Digi friends and everyone else,

What is up? It's been a week and I've been given my laptop again, so I thought the first order of business would be to check my f-list and make sure everyone was still alive.

It seems like it although I am beginning to wonder about some.

Anyway, I just thought I'd update those who care about my new internship. I started Orientation on Thursday last week and it was really cool. Everyone in the office seems really nice and a couple were really helpful. One guy, the boss of my department is incredibly cool. He and I went out for drinks and he wants to invite all three of the NY Trio of Doom and Despair (Mike's Idea, I hope he's taking it back) to dinner.

Not sure if the other two are gonna join or not, but it should be amusing nevertheless.

Uhm, other than that... I miss home and reeeeally miss surfing. As awesome as skateboarding is, it's not the same and I'm starting to get antsy around the house with nothing to do.

Anyone wanna go swimming or something?

Plus, I went through every DVD I own along with all those that belong to Mike. This isn't normal is it? I really need more to do. CAN ANYONE SUGGEST A NEW TV SHOW AND GIVE ME THE DVDS?


If I ever doubted Mike's skills as a cook, they were put aside on Wednesday as he got up and began to cook like a mad man all day. Oh my god. It was like heaven and we ate on that fest for a day and a half. It was like heaven. You guys just have no idea.

Mike's in the kitchen right now whipping up stuff for a barbecue on the roof, so I'm gonna go see if he needs help. Later all!


Mike and Tatum were out a lot doing girly shit, so I was stuck at home. I proally should have called someone or something but eh... I don't know. It just seemed wrong to violate the entire atmosphere.

I really love Mike as my best friend, but I'm starting to wonder if there's anything either I or Tatum can do for him now...

Papa Paparazzi~
The Real Derek
Mike I hate your stereo. You only play dance music and girly music. And now I've got Lady Gaga stuck in my head.

You suck.

Plus your hair is all short. And you're smiling about it. Why?

I think I should be worried.

I am.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm sitting around the apartment typing up a post on an online journal. I've never been the wordy type when it came to writing and I don't think that'll change anytime soon.

Hmm.... what's new with me I guess is why you guys are gonna read this.... Although I'm pretty sure those that are reading already know.

Uh... I offically moved to NYC, uh, 2 weeks ago? Mike and I are shacking up together for the time being.... AS ROOMMATES WITHOUT BENEFITS.

And don't let Mike convince you otherwise.

Yeah...other than that. I turned 20 at some point. Can't remember what exactly happened at my party but it must have been fun.

I am not an alcoholic. I don't wake up all the time with blackouts. This was the first time. But I think I remember.... absolutely nothing.

Uh yeah... other than that... there's nothing. Just chilling and having fun.

Anyone interested in getting together? 


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